0.3.6 Update

The main goal of this update was to improve the general feel of the gameplay, improve the audio visual feedback and tighten up some bugs and loose ends. We felt it was important to polish up the basic gameplay before continuing to add more content on top of it.

I won't list them all, but every single character has new sfx and/or visual improvements.
The changes that directly affect gameplay and balance are listed below.

General changes: 
Adjustment to hitstun while dashing: Light hits no longer interrupt dashes, but parried shots will forcibly end them like when colliding into walls.

Speaking of dashes, the code for dashing in general has been overhauled, there shouldn't be much noticeably different on the player side but several dash-related bugs have been eliminated. 

Increased speed of parry and reduced duration.

Tweak to ball physics to reduce instances of it being "stuck" in long bouts of bouncing against walls when at a close to vertical angle. Also added prevention against the ball being perfectly 90 degrees vertical.

Healing can no longer heal a character above max HP.

HP for tiebreakers decreased. 

Balance Tweaks

Meteor Smash now fires 90 degrees perfectly forward, but the speed has been increased. This should make it more predictable so it's both easier to defend against and easier to land the hit on stages with obstacles. 

Syrhild will now take increasing self damage from spamming the battering ram. Because that's what happens if you keep smashing your face into a wall. (And to deter players from spamming it endlessly) If you wait at least 6 seconds between uses you will take zero self damage.

Slightly slower move speed, faster running speed, but now needs to skid to a stop when running.
Movement speed is reduced when holding a ball. 
(Both of these things are a slight nerf to how easily she can aim throws and her grappling hook without her overall mobility suffering much.

"Wall kick" maneuver is now a parry.

Cost of extended parries drastically reduced. Dash slightly shortened.

(hopefully) fixed a bug that allowed for spawning infinite shadow clones.

Mirror Shield duration decreased a bit, now works on M.O.L.A.'s laser (Absorbs it for healing instead of bouncing back), Jill's Poison bomb(Is bounced back perfectly horizontally), Chi's ying-yang orbs (reflected ones can now damage both characters), and Ginny's grappling hook (Electrifies the line to stun Ginny instead) It also now bounces balls back perfectly horizontally forward. 

Top Speed decreased.

Her dash has been completely redone, so the speed/trajectory have been altered. 
It now takes less time for her to go turn invisible when cloaking.
Due to her new visual effects, dashing while invisible more precisely reveals her actual location.

No notable gameplay changes as of yet.


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Apr 03, 2020

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